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The Experimental Biology 2021 virtual experience is your window to the latest science from the comfort of home. Join 12,000 attendees across five scientific disciplines for interactive and on-demand sessions exploring emerging findings and trends in the life sciences. 

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Meeting Highlights

Researchers work to increase number of transplantable livers 
How did dinosaurs deliver bone-crushing bites? By keeping a stiff lower jaw
Could heart medications increase COVID-19 risk?
Cell study suggests pesticide exposure may increase COVID-19 susceptibility
Taking vitamin D could lower heart disease risk for people with dark skin
'Smart shirt' takes a trip to space for science
SARS-CoV-2 spike protein alone may cause lung damage
Researchers uncover potential new way to treat dry mouth
Researchers design sensor for fast, inexpensive on-site Ebola detection
Plant compound shows promise against triple-negative breast cancer
How does a nose evolve into a blowhole? Study suggests there's more than one way
Gene changes might explain long-haul COVID-19 symptoms
Five studies point to dangers of environmental exposures
Five new insights in the fight against COVID-19
Depression medication could also protect against heart disease
Could corals use sound to communicate?
Compound found in some vegetables may reduce diabetes-related kidney damage
Capsaicin analog could help treatment-resistant lung cancer
Brain development is surprisingly similar between humans and other primates
Using big data to save babies
Urine of COVID-19 patients could predict who will develop severe disease
Self-reported daytime sleepiness is associated with telomere shortening
Rapamycin may exacerbate age-related arthritis despite life-extending benefits
Prolonged exposure to extreme heat and humidity increases risk of acute kidney injury
Potential advancements in treatment of PTSD and PTSD-related Cardiovascular disease
Omega-3 supplements help kids with high cholesterol improve lipid profile
Light therapy helps veterans treated for traumatic brain injury
Got 10 minutes? That's all you need for this high-intensity workout
Exposure to Roundup® extends seizure-like behavior in roundworms
Diabetes drug could protect against dangerous infection
Dab on deep heat cream to improve exercise performance
Why older people should chill when it's hot out
Toward a feasible alternative to liver organ transplant
Study illuminates how COVID-19 worms its way into the brain
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