Registration Rates

Registration fees include entrance to scientific sessions, poster sessions, exhibits, Career Central, mobile app and much more! You can save up to $200 off the price of registration by first becoming a member of one of the EB host societies. Learn more about the host societies.

Students, trainees and teachers are required to present credentials on-site. Scroll down below the rates to view requirements.

Registration Type

Early-bird Registration
Feb. 5

Advanced Registration
Mar. 13

Full-Price Registration
Mar. 14—Apr. 7

Regular Members $430 $570 $595
$630 $760 $785

Retired Members $150 $170 $195
Retired Nonmembers $185 $205 $230

Graduate Student Members $95 $105 $130
Graduate Student Nonmembers $135 $145 $170

Undergraduate Student Members $25 $35 $50
Undergraduate Student Nonmembers $40 $50 $60

Postdoctoral Trainee Members $335 $435 $460
Postdoctoral Trainee Nonmembers $435 $535 $560

High School Students $0 $0 $0
High School Teachers $0 $0 $0

One-day Members $285 $295 $310
One-day Nonmembers $385 $385 $410

Eligibility Requirements

Graduate Students

You must have a department head or research advisor certify your student eligibility. If registering online, enter the name and email address of your department head. If registering onsite, bring your ID card or a letter signed by your department head. “Student” must be indicated on your badge. Postdoctoral fellows, hospital residents, interns and laboratory technicians do not qualify as students.

Undergraduate Students

You must bring a student ID card or a letter signed by your department head, research advisor or teacher.

Postdoctoral Trainee

Trainees have obtained their doctoral degree within the last five years and are currently enrolled in a postdoctoral trainee program.

High School Teachers

You must be a certified High School Teacher currently teaching High School students. You do not qualify for this category if you are currently teaching at a University or a Hospital. Credentials or a letter from the school principal will need to be provided on-site to receive your badge.

High School Students

You must bring a student ID card or a letter signed by your teacher to receive your badge.