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2018 About EB Press
Whether you’re in San Diego or thousands of miles away, you can stay up to date on all the exciting research news at Experimental Biology 2018! Four ways to engage:

Meeting Highlights

New Advances in the Fight Against Cancer
Discoveries could lead to treatments for pancreatic, colon, breast cancer and chemotherapy-associated pain

New Leads in the Development and Treatment of Liver Disease
Researchers unravel processes behind alcohol-induced liver damage, acetaminophen overdose, cirrhosis and liver cancer

New Hope for Treating Diabetic Wounds that Just Won’t Heal
Mice bred without TSP2 protein heal faster, suggesting a new target for better treatments

Why Zero-Calorie Sweeteners Can Still Lead to Diabetes, Obesity
Common artificial sweeteners shown to change how the body processes fat and energy

Human-like Walking Mechanics Evolved Before the Genus Homo
Ancient footprints help researchers date the switch from a crouched to more straight-legged gait

Researchers Discover Potential Source of Gender Differences in Migraines
Findings could lead to better treatments for men and women who suffer from migraines  

Growing Evidence that Probiotics Are Good for Your Liver
In mice, probiotic treatment shown to protect against liver damage from acetaminophen

Researchers Report Four New Insights into Diet and Health
Scientists examine how eating patterns can reduce tumor growth and curb weight gain

Brainy New Approaches to Autism, Chronic Pain, Concussion and More
Researchers challenge the status quo in neuroscience with cutting-edge techniques and discoveries

Four Innovations that Aim to Improve the Environment
Scientists study how contaminants affect people and wildlife; work to perfect biodiesel production

New Vaccine Could Help People Overcome Bath Salts Abuse
In rodents, vaccine decreased drug’s stimulant effects for months

Endangered Salamander Offers Clues on Healing Spinal Cord Injury
Racing to understand why some species repair injured nerves while humans do not

Scientists Use Rocket Scanner to Learn How Whales Hear
First whole-body CT scan of a minke whale yields insights on whale communication

Researchers See Promise for Safer Opioid Pain Reliever
New compound offers pain-relief of opioids without tolerance or addictive properties

Hemp Shows Potential for Treating Ovarian Cancer
Researchers demonstrate hemp’s ability to slow cancer growth and uncover mechanism for its cancer-fighting ability

Wiping Out the Gut Microbiome Could Help with Heart Failure
Tracing the surprising connections between the gut, immune system and heart

Even a Single Mindfulness Meditation Session Can Reduce Anxiety
People with anxiety show reduced stress on the arteries after 1-hour introductory session

3-D Printed Food Could Change How We Eat
Researchers 3-D print food with customized texture and body absorption characteristics

New App Could Make Cannabis Use Safer
‘Am I Stoned’ app designed to help users understand their impairment

Soaking in Hot Tub Improves Health Markers in Obese Women
Heat therapy appears to reduce inflammation, improve insulin resistance and lessen effects of polycystic ovary syndrome

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Our virtual newsroom gives you full, embargoed access to all of our press releases, multimedia content and other media resources before the meeting. You can access it through EurekAlert! (easiest) or through our media liaison team.

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Register to Attend EB

Approved members of the press receive complimentary meeting registration and full access to our virtual newsroom.

We strongly recommend pre-registration (deadline April 18) so you can take advantage of all our pre-conference highlights and materials. We offer same-day registration for reporters with strong credentials (such as a press club badge), but we cannot guarantee press pass approval for reporters who arrive onsite without pre-registering.  

To apply for an onsite press pass, please review our Press Credentials Policy  and then submit a Press Registration Form.

We will not have an onsite newsroom for reporters to use during the conference. However, our media liaisons will be happy to help you arrange onsite interviews with researchers, and you’ll enjoy the full benefits of our virtual newsroom before, during and after the meeting.

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Experimental Biology is the annual meeting of five Host Societies.  By becoming a member of one of the societies below before registering, you can save up to $200 off the price of regular registration.  Click a Host Society logo below to join today and save:

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