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Service Kit

The exhibitor service kit is now available.  Questions with furniture ordering and shipping please contact a Brede Customer Service representative by calling 301-937-8600 or email   The online order forms or pdf can be found at  The show password is 2017EB.  Ordering a/v, internet, lead retrieval machines can be found under aniclarry order forms or under the service kit acrobat format.

Click below for Exhibit Management Order forms:
Click here for exhbiitor registration.
Selling of Products/Services
Order taking and sales of exhibited products are permitted. Purchased items taken out of the hall must be small enough to be easily hand-carried. It is the responsibility of each exhibiting company that sells items on the show floor to contact the Illinois Department of Revenue regarding state sales tax collection. To register for sales at Experimental Biology 2017 please call direct to 1-217-785-3707 at least six weeks before the meeting.

The exhibit hall is not carpeted. Exhibitors are required to carpet their booths/displays. Aisles will be carpeted in blue.

Labor/Furniture/Rental Displays
Brede National Exposition Services has been appointed the general contractor for the meeting. Forms for ordering furniture, carpeting (mandatory for all exhibitors), rental displays and labor will be included in the exhibitor service kit. Labor will be available based upon advance orders from exhibitors.
Brede National Exposition Services.
6801 Mid Cities Avenue
Beltsville, MD 20705-1441
Tel: 301-937-8600
Fax: 301-937-2952

Electrical service, telephones and installation of water, gas or air will be available. Order forms for services will be included in the on-line exhibitor service kit.

Audio Visual
Audio Visual needs will be provided by Atlantic Images & Sound
Atlantic Images & Sound, Inc.
407-952-0979 or 407-250-3567

Sales Lead System
A sales lead system will be available to exhibiting companies. Details and order forms will be included in the on-line exhibitor service kit.

Food and Beverage Distribution
Non-alcoholic beverages and light snacks are permitted in your exhibit booth if ordered through McCormick Place's caterer. Food and beverage distributed from large, loud machines is prohibited (i.e. yogurt, popcorn and espresso machines). Order forms for food and beverage will be included in the on-line exhibitor service kit.

Exhibitor Hand-Carry Entrance
All exhibitor move-in is restricted to the McCormick Place loading dock. No exhibitor will be allowed access with his or her move-in materials via any other entrance to the facility. Unless the item is a pop-up exhibit or can be hand carried.

Shipping Instructions
All freight charges must be PREPAID
Brede/National will handle drayage. Exhibitors who ship by van, motor freight or air must send a copy of the bill of lading to Brede. The services provided by Brede will include receiving crated shipments at their warehouse and storing up to 30 days; delivery to the exhibitor's booth; removal, storage and return of empty crates and containers; and removal of packed shipments from the booth and reloading same on outgoing carriers.
Beginning February 27, 2017 thru April 14, 2017, Brede will receive advance freight and store it until EB 2017 move-in. If freight arrives at the warehouse after April 14th, a late charge will be assessed to the exhibitor. Warehouse freight should be addressed as follows:
Company Name/Booth Number
EB 2017
Brede National Exposition Services
c/o ABF Freight
5300 W. 47th Street
Chicago, IL  60638

There are significant savings in shipments handled on a straight-time basis and delivered to McCormick Place - West Hall starting at 8:00 AM on Friday, April 21, 2017. Please address as follows:
Company Name/Booth Number
EB 2017
c/o Brede National Exhibition Services
McCormick Place - West Hall
2301 S. King Drive
Chicago, IL  60616