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2017 Exhibitors & Sponsors Rules and Regulations

The purpose of the EB 2017 exhibit program is to further the education of the scientist working in the field of experimental biology. The exhibits must be of an educational character. They must emphasize instruments, products or services for use in teaching and research, books or other publications in scientific fields of relevance to the interests of the members of the participating Societies, or directly convey scientific research findings in those areas of science represented by the participating Societies.

The participating Societies of Experimental Biology reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to accept or deny applications for exhibit space and to allocate space among exhibitors. In the case of a denied application all money collected by Exhibit Management will be refunded to the exhibiting company.

Space Assignment

Priority for space assignment is given according to the following system established by the EB Exhibits Advisory Committee. Each company will be given two (2) points for each year's participation in the exhibit program. Points toward priority in space assignment will be maintained on a cumulative basis starting with those earned since January 1962.

Please note that points accrued for advertising in The FASEB Journal from January 1962 - April 1999 will no longer be retained as of September 2009.

As of 2010, any exhibitor who presents a One hour workshop and or Sponsors (under Exhibit Management items) will accumulate additional priority points.

In the event an exhibiting company merges with, buys, or is bought by another company, the highest number of points accumulated by either company will prevail as the point total for the new concern. Points are not combined to arrive at an exhibiting company's point status.

EB2016 exhibitors were eligible to participate in the on-site booth selection process for 2017. If you did not take advantage of the early assignment we will again assign space by our priority point system starting in August. To obtain maximum benefit from the priority point system, applications for space must be received on or before August 2, 2016.  Applications received after August 2 will be assigned in order of receipt. Since it is almost impossible to contact each company for new selections of space, please do not concentrate all choices in one area. Applications for space must be received by January 24, 2017 to be listed in the PDF Program.  After January 24, 2017 you will have a complimentary listing in the EB App.

Note: Exhibitors wishing to create their own island booths or requesting island space other than those islands that pre-exist on the floor plan will be charged the full cost of all booths deleted to create such islands.

Cancellation or Reduction

Notification of an exhibitor's decision to cancel or reduce space must be made in writing.  The effective date of space cancellation or reduction will be the date on which a written notice is received by Exhibit Management. 

If space is cancelled or reduced between the dates of the application received to October 4, 2016, 10% of the total cost of space will be retained for administrative fees.  If space is cancelled or reduced between October 5 and November 10 the full deposit will be retained.  When the cancellation occurs starting November 11 to the opening of the meeting, the company will be responsible for paying the full cost of the booth space.

Installation of Exhibits

Friday, April 21  8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Saturday, April 22 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Please note: Children under the age of 18 are not permitted in the exhibit hall during set-up or dismantling of exhibits.

All exhibit material must be unpacked by Saturday, April 22 at 4:30 PM

Exhibit Dates/Hours

Sunday, April 23   9:00 AM  – 4:00 PM
Monday, April 24 9:00 AM  – 4:00 PM
Tuesday, April 25 9:00 AM  – 4:00 PM

Security tape placed around the exhibits will be removed starting at 8:45 AM each morning. Please plan accordingly by staffing your booth by 8:45 AM.

As a courtesy to the participants and your fellow exhibitors, the Exhibits Advisory Committee requests that you open your exhibit on time each morning and staff it throughout the day until the scheduled closing hour. Deliveries or removal of equipment must be made before or after exhibit hours. A pass must be obtained from Exhibit Management to remove any material or equipment prior to Monday, April 4th. Once the exhibit opens Tuesday morning, nothing may be removed until the exhibit is officially closed at 4:00 PM.

Exhibit Dismantle

Tuesday, April 25  4:00 PM  – 10:00 PM
Wednesday, April 26 8:00 AM  – 3:00 PM

No packing of equipment, literature, etc., or dismantling of exhibits will be permitted until the official closing time.

Violators will not be invited to exhibit at future meetings. All exhibits must be packed by Wednesday, April 26.  


To avoid any damage to your equipment, please remain in your exhibit until crates are delivered and labor is available. Watchmen are appointed; however, FASEB, EB, and its member Societies, FASEB Exhibit Management, the Convention Center and Brede National Exposition Services cannot assume any responsibility for loss of or damage to exhibits, equipment, personal belongings, etc.

General Conduct of Exhibits

The following practices are prohibited:

  1. Noisy electrical or other mechanical apparatus interfering with other exhibitors.Operation of x-ray equipment.
  2. Canvassing or distributing any material outside the exhibitor's own space.
  3. The use of billboard advertisements and/or the display of signs outside the exhibit area.
  4. Publicizing and/or maintaining any extracurricular activities, inducements, demonstrations or displays away from the exhibit area during the exhibit hours.
  5. Photographing, or examining another exhibitor's equipment without permission.
  6. Video recording and/or recording devices, digital or otherwise is strictly prohibited.
  7. Balloons of any kind.
  8. Entry into another exhibitor's booth without permission.
  9. Door drops in hotels.
  10. No floor stickers on carpet ar permitted.
  11. Dismantling exhibits and leaving before official exhibit close at 4:00 PM, Tuesday, April 25.

Exhibitors are requested to staff their exhibits with personnel attired in a manner consistent with the decorum of the meeting and knowledgeable in the products and policies of the company. Relevant portions of the foregoing prohibited practices are applicable to non-exhibitors at all times. Non-exhibitors may not solicit business from scientific registrants or companies exhibiting.

The use of open audio systems is discouraged. Requests to use an open audio system must be approved by the Exhibit Manager and the exhibitor must agree to discontinue its use if the sound level is deemed to be objectionable to the registrants or adjacent exhibitors. The playing of music in the exhibit hall is prohibited and will be strictly enforced.

Booth Design

Standard In-Line Booths

Height restriction is 8'

The back wall of the display is limited to 8' in height and a depth of 4'. All display fixtures and accessories, (including but not limited to book racks, instruments and foliage) over 4' in height, not to exceed 8' maximum, must be confined to that area of the exhibitor's space which is within 4' of the back line. Display material in the remaining 6' of booth space must not exceed 4' in height. Hanging signs are not permitted.

Multiple Standard Booths

In an exhibit that contains 3 or more linear booths (30' or more), the interior booths are permitted to contain display material over 4' in height - with a maximum of 8' in height - which must be confined to that area of the exhibitor's space which is within 6' of the backline of the booth. Sufficient "see-through" area must be provided so as not to block the view of adjacent exhibits. the end booths of such an exhibit must conform to the Standard Booth restrictions of 4' display area from the backline of the booth. Hanging signs are not permitted.

No exhibit may span an aisle by roofing. Exposed, unfinished sides of exhibit backgrounds must be draped to represent an attractive appearance. If such draping is not ordered, the contractor with the approval of the Exhibit Manager will install it and charge the exhibitor.

The aisles are the property of all the exhibitors; therefore, each exhibitor has the responsibility to assure proper flow of traffic through the entire show. Do not place your demonstration areas on the aisle line of your exhibit if you expect many people to congregate at one time. Leave space within your own exhibit area to absorb the majority of the crowd. This regulation applies even if your exhibit booths are directly across the aisle from each other.

Island Booths

Height restriction is 20'

In island booth units, bordered on four sides by aisles, the full cubic content of the space may be used; however, all display material is restricted to 20' in height and sufficient "see-through or walk-through" area must be provided so as not to block the view of adjacent exhibits. Models or to-scale drawings of cubic content exhibits must be submitted in advance to exhibit Management for approval to avoid problems during exhibit set-up. Hanging signs are permitted.

End Cap Booths

An End Cap Booth is a booth that has open sides on three aisles.  EB does not permit End Cap Booths.  

Americans with Disabilities Act

Each exhibitor shall be responsible for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act within their booth and assigned exhibit space.

Booth Relocation Policy

Every effort will be made not to relocate an exhibitor's booth,. However, should relocation be deemed necessary, the exhibitor will be notified.

Fire Code Regulations

All decorations, drapes, signs, banners, acoustical materials, plastic cloth, or similar decorative materials used in exhibit construction must be flame retardant and must meet current fire regulations. All table coverings, fabric walls, paper, or any decorative material must be flame-retardant to the satisfaction of the Boston Fire Department. The San Diego Convention Center rigorously enforces this regulation, and may field flame test any questionable materials. Helium tanks, pyrotechnics, and lasers are prohibited in the exhibit hall.


Sub-leasing of exhibit space is not permitted. Neither may two companies share the same leased space.

Use of Animals

The use of all live animals will not be permitted in the exhibit booths. The use of photographs and other forms of visual display must be approved in advance by Exhibit Management.

Use of the EB Name and Logo

Subject to the approval of EB Exhibit Management, the use of the EB 2017 name and/or logo is permitted on signs inside an exhibitor's booth area, or on descriptive product literature and mailings ONLY for reference and promotion of an exhibitor's participation in "EB 2017" (with place and dates) on the exhibitor's advertising. The use of the EB 2017 logo is not permitted on signs outside the exhibit area.

Distribution of Giveaways

Exhibitors will be permitted to distribute appropriate promotional material and approved related items from the exhibit booth only. Exhibitors distributing any material outside the booth (hotel lobby area, poster session areas, etc.) will not be invited to exhibit at future meetings. In keeping with the educational purpose of the exhibit program, all such giveaways except literature, must have prior approval of Exhibit Management and must conform to acceptable and professional standards.

Giveaway Form

Sale of Merchandise/Order Taking

Sales and order-taking are permitted provided that all transactions are conducted in a manner consistent with the professional nature of the exhibits.


Exhibitors may conduct surveys and ask attendees to answer questionnaires as long as the process in conducted in good taste. All surveys/questionnaires must be conducted from the exhibit booth and cannot disturb neighboring exhibitors. Canvassing will not be permitted in the aisles.

Enforcement of Rules

By applying for exhibit space, an exhibitor agrees to adhere to all conditions and regulations outlined in this brochure. Conformity with these Rules and Regulations for the EB 2017 Meeting will be monitored by Exhibit Management and the Exhibits Advisory Committee.

Each exhibitor is granted nothing more than a terminable license to exhibit, subject to all the rules herein and the general control of the participating Societies. If the participating Societies determine that any exhibitor has failed to comply with any rule herein the license may be terminated and the exhibit closed without notice. In all interpretations of the Rules and Regulations, Exhibit Management's decision is final.