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2017 Career Resources Professional Development Sessions


  • Is a Balanced Teaching/Research Career Fact or Fiction
  • Work-Life Balance and Mental Health: How to Manage One without Losing the Other
  • Storytelling and the Art of Effective Science Communication


  • The Many Facets of a Teaching Career
  • Publishing 101: How to Get Your Work Published and Avoid Ethical Minefields
  • Kick Start Your Funding: Looking Beyond NIH and NSF
  • Choosing the Right Lab and Personnel for Your Career


  • ASBMB Graduate and Postdoctoral Professional Development Program
  • ASBMB Women Scientists Panel and Networking Reception
  • Attaining Employment, Tenure and Promotion Across the Academic Landscape
  • Immigration and Visa Issues for Foreign STEM Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows
  • Welcome and Networking Reception, sponsored by the ASBMB Minority Affairs Committee


  • Committee for Career Development & Diversity Workshop and Breakfast: Developing Your Personal Brand for Career Success
  • XVIIth Annual ASIP/AAA Career Development and Mentoring Program and Lunch: Developing Your Core Message: An Interactive Session on Crafting an Effective Elevator Speech


  • Speed Mentoring for Students, organized by the Early Career and Student Interest Groups
  • Clinical Emerging Leaders Award Competition, organized by the Medical Nutrition Council
  • Graduate Student Research Award Competition, organized by the Nutrition Sciences Council
  • Emerging Leaders in Nutrition Science Poster Competition
  • Postdoctoral Research Award Competition, organized by the Early Career Interest Group and endowed by DuPont Nutrition and Health
  • Young Minority Investigator Oral Competition, organized by the Minority and Diversity Affairs Committee and supported by DSM Nutritional Products
  • Nutrition Translation Award Competition for Early-Career Investigators, organized by the Nutrition Translation Research Interest Section in cooperation with the Public Information Committee


  • Graduate Student-Postdoctoral Colloquium: Effective Science Communication
  • Teaching Institute: Supporting Experiment Design and Rigor in
    Graduate Training
  • ASPET Journals Symposium: Hear It from the Editors
  • Science and Government: How to Make a Difference through
  • IPE: Educating a New Generation of Healthcare Professionals
  • Team Science Forum: Scientist Crosstalk on Chemistry and Behavior
  • Translational and Clinical Pharmacology: Trainee Mentoring and Career Development
  • Diversity Mentoring Breakfast
  • Undergraduate Networking and Career Development Luncheon

Programs Sponsored by FASEB MARC Program

  • Get Up with Something on Your Mind: Strategic Thinking Tips for Achieving Academic/Career/Personal Success
  • Networking: A Required Life Skill
  • Goal Setting, Prioritizing, Time and Stress Management
  • Striving for EXCELLENCE: Prerequisite for Academic/Career/Life Success
  • Making the Case for Graduate School
  • Navigating the Protocol, Milestones, and Graduate Degree Requirements
  • Developing and Writing the Doctoral Dissertation Proposal
  • Overcoming Communication Barriers
  • Global Inter Skills: A Practice Workshop for International Candidates
  • Job Search in Academia and Industry: Timelines and Effective Strategies
  • Negotiation Strategies for Scientists
  • Making the Grade: Job Talk/Chalk Talk
  • I Said What?!?!?
  • Networking: Is it Only Who You Know?
  • Attitudes and Behaviors: How are you Perceived?
  • Successful Behaviors for Winning an Interview
  • Making the Connection: The Relationship between the Resume, the Interview and the Job
  • Your Behavioral CV
  • Understanding Search Community & Finding Job Announcements
  • Creating Effective CVs, Cover Letters, Research & Teaching Statements
  • Nailing the Job Talk & Interview Prep
  • Identifying Your Options using, LinkedIn & More
  • Building Your Skills, Networking, and Informational Interviews
  • Translating Your Credentials on Paper (CV→Resume) and In
  • How to Choose your Ideal Career
  • Job Hunting in Biotech Part 1 – Finding and Applying for
    Scientist Positions
  • Job Hunting in Biotech Part 2 – Interviewing for Scientist
  • Job Hunting in Biotech Part 3 – Compensation Negotiation for
    Scientist Positions
  • But I have no Skills!
  • Talking About Yourself: Interviewing Well
  • Transforming your CV
  • Developing Your Core Message/”Elevator “Pitch”
  • Ten Ways to Get Lucky in the Job Search
  • Beyond the Bench: Preparing for your Career Transition in the
    Life Sciences
  • Ten Tough Industrial Interview Questions, (and Ten Pretty Good
  • The CV, The Resume, and the Scientist’s Job Search: Which,
    When and Why?
  • The Industrial Hiring Process: Learn the Nuisances, Get the
  • An Interview Tune Up: Putting your Best Foot Forward When it
    Really counts
  • Workplace Dynamics

NIH Grants

  • NIH Career Development Programs and Early-State Investigators