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2017 Abstracts Oral Presentation Instructions

Recommended Method for Your Presentation

Please note that recording (photographing, audio taping or videotaping) any presentation/session is PROHIBITED, except by an EB-authorized agent.
  • All speakers should check their presentations in the Speaker Ready Room at least 4 hours in advance of the session to verify content is presentable on the PC provided. It is imperative that you follow this request in order to eliminate schedule delays. Take all presentations to the room you will be presenting in and the AV Tech will assist you in loading it onto the PC Laptop provided. There is no central server system for the conference.
  • Session rooms will be equipped with a DLP data projector, screen, PC laptop, as well as a lectern microphone, head table microphone and aisle microphone depending on room size.
  • Speakers need to arrive in the session room 30 MINUTES before their session begins to touch base with the in room AV technician. Bring your presentation on a readable USB flash drive.
  • When preparing your presentation please use standard fonts (e.g., Times, New Roman, Ariel, Helvetica, etc.). If you are using a font that is not standard it should be embedded into your PowerPoint presentation.
  • Include in the same folder as your presentation, any external files utilized, e.g. movie files. Copy the entire folder to the USB flash drive.
  • Test your presentation on a separate PC compatible computer to insure fonts are standard and components such as movies are included rather than merely linked in your presentation.
  • The operating system on the session room PCs provided will be Windows 7 Professional, and software will include: Microsoft Office 2016, Adobe Acrobat Reader X,QuickTime*, Windows Media Player, Flash Player, VLC Player.  
  • We recommend that presenters bring a backup of their presentation on an alternative storage medium to cover the possibility of luggage loss, theft, and/or incompatibility.

Speaker Practice Rooms

All speakers should check their presentation 4 hours in advance (if possible) to verify the presentation will function on the equipment provided. Speakers should arrive in the session room a ½ hour before the session starts.


You do not need to bring your own laptop to the meeting room. However, if you would prefer to use your own laptop for your presentation, please review the following:

  • Your laptop must have either mini-display port or a mini-hdmi output to connect to the cabling provided that runs to the data projector in the session rooms. Some laptops have a special interface cable that attaches to the output of their laptop to hook to external switchers, monitors and data projectors. If your laptop requires a different type of adaptor other than the mini-diplay port or mini-hdmi provided to connect to the Male DVI-D cabling that runs to each projector you will be required to bring your own as these adaptors will NOT BE PROVIDED.
  • Set the output resolution to XGA (1024x768).
  • Session rooms do not have Internet access. If your presentation requires an internet connection please check with your programming society for approval.