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2017 About EB Press
Whether you’re in Chicago or thousands of miles away, you can stay up to date on all the exciting research news at Experimental Biology 2017! Four ways to engage:

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Meeting Highlights

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

New progress toward finding best cells for liver therapy
Study shows transplanted fetal rat liver cells multiply and give rise to new cells in injured adult liver

p53 critical to recovering from acetaminophen overdose
Insights into protein that links liver-injury progression and repair could lead to new treatments

Possible new tool for first responders: An ice bag to the face
Study suggests face cooling could help prevent shutdown of cardiovascular system after blood loss

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Low-sodium diet might not lower blood pressure 
Findings from large, 16-year study contradict sodium limits in Dietary Guidelines for Americans
Fighting infections with a silver sword 
In an era of antimicrobial resistance, scientists use modern methods to investigate the poisoning power of an ancient remedy
One step closer to an 'exercise pill' 
Suppressing a protein builds muscle mass, improves markers of heart health without weight loss
With synthetic mucus, researchers take aim at antibiotic resistance 
Scientists look for new ways to fight infections by harnessing the magic of mucus

Monday, April 24, 2017

Maternal high-fat diet may increase offspring risk for liver disease 
Research could uncover who is most at risk for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and lead to new treatments for this increasingly common condition
What can we learn from dinosaur proteins? 
The ability to extract proteins from ancient bones raises striking new questions
Genetic factors may contribute to adverse effects produced by synthetic cannabinoids 
Understanding how the body processes synthetic cannabinoids could lead to new treatments
Nanosponges lessen severity of streptococcal infections 
Decoy approach protects cells by capturing bacterial toxins; could help treat antibiotic-resistant infections
Orange essential oil may help alleviate post-traumatic stress disorder 
Researchers find evidence that essential oil reduces fear, diminishes immune system markers of stress in mice

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Could genetics influence what we like to eat?  
Understanding the roles of genes in eating behaviors and food preferences could lead to personalized diets that are easier to follow 
Totally bizarre facts about the star-nosed mole 
Strange-looking creature yields surprising insights about nerves, brains and extreme adaptation
Timing and duration matters for school lunch and recess 
Understanding the relationship between what students eat at lunch and physical activity during recess could inform policies that promote healthy behaviors
In experiments on Earth, testing possible building blocks of alien life 
Subjecting artificial amino acids to extreme conditions, researchers hunt for clues on what it takes to survive on other planets
Beta blocker shows cancer-fighting properties 
The beta blocker carvedilol could one day be used in creams or sprays that prevent skin cancer
An intimate look at the mechanics of dolphin sex 
With innovative methods, researchers offer first glimpse of copulation from the inside out

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Scientists and engineers push the envelope for better heart health 
5 captivating achievements in cardiovascular research 
4 exciting diabetes and obesity research discoveries 
Researchers look for new ways to treat and prevent diabetes and obesity
Cancer research advances: 5 leads for better diagnosis and treatment 
Scientists showcase innovative approaches for detecting and fighting cancer
4 exciting advances in food and nutrition research 
New insights could help us make healthier food choices

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