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Unauthorized Use of Attendee Emails

Please note that Experimental Biology does not share, sell, or provide email lists to anyone other than the following meeting vendors who also do not share, sell, or provide emails lists to anyone but are authorized by the participating societies to contact you:
  • FASEB - Meeting Management sends Experimental Biology marketing emails to prospective attendees 
  • Mira - Abstract Processing Vendor sends emails regarding abstract submissions
  • CDS - Registration Processing Vendor sends emails regarding registration
Any claim from a company stating they have attendee email lists for sale is unauthorized and those lists were not obtained by Experimental Biology or its meeting vendors. Experimental Biology has sent cease and desist notifications to the following companies:
  • Aloxy Software, LLC (jack.smith@aloxysoftwarellc.us)
  • Exact Data (emaildatabase@gmail.com)
  • Buyers-Delight (pamela.johnson@buyers-delight.com)
  • 4Leads (elizabeth4leads@gmail.com)
  • eUniverse (Erica@euniverse.co.in
  • Tech Date Lead (ricky.jones@techdatalead.com)
  • AllSysData Solutions (marisa.jones@allsysdatasolutions.com)
  • GeoSpaceTechnologies Inc. (sienna.miller@geospacetechnologiesinc.com)
  • LeadsLookup (desser@leadslookup.com)
  • eDataFlow (natalie@edataflow.com)
  • AllSysDataProviders (jane.williams@allsysdataproviders.com)
  • B2B List (steve.b2blist@gmail.com)
  • Business2Business (rylee.kroger@busines2busines.com)
  • Progess Leads (krystal@progress-leads.com)
  • Digital Data Market (angela.williams@digitaldatamarket.com)
  • CRM Sales (diana.adams@crmsales.us)
  • TechBusiness (sheldon.wyatt@techbusinesss.com)
  • Target B2B Leads (nicholash2targetb2bleads.com)
  • Ebe AwSapps (addison.perry@ebe.awsapps.com)
  • B2B Conference Alert (mike.wiley@b2bconferencealert.com)
  • Data Service Pro (emma@dataservicepro.com)
  • Best Expo Emails (mike@bestexpoemails.com)
  • Best Tradeshow Emails (david@besttradeshowemails.com)
  • Japongdatas (kelly.david@japongdatas.com)
  • Trade Dataz (chloe@tradedataz.com)
  • UMaxMedia (amanda@umaxmedia.us)
  • AspireLeads (jody@aspireleads.com)
  • Zoom Leads (karen@zoomleads.us)
If you are contacted by a company who claims to have attendee lists for sale, please forward a copy of that email to management@experimentalbiology.org and we will contact the company about their unauthorized use.