2015 Exhibitors & Sponsors Product Workshops

As part of the meeting program, exhibitors will have an opportunity to host a Product Workshop. Space for exhibitor workshops may be obtained at a cost of $1,575 per 1-hour session (which includes a lectern, lectern microphone, LCD projector, screen, laser pointer, easel, one 6' table inside the room, one 6' table outside the room and one complimentary mailing list of attendees). Exhibitors are responsible for providing their own computer.

Workshop applications will be reviewed and considered on a first-come, first-serve basis. The deadline to have a Product Workshop listed in the Meeting Program with Title will be January 15, 2015. Workshop applications received after January 15, 2015 will be listed in the Meeting Addendum

Government Agencies also have the opportunity to host a workshop at the discounted rate of $500 per 1-hour session (including equipment mentioned above).

Product Workshop Application

EB 2015
Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
Boston, MA
Sunday, March 29

BioTek Cytation Product Workshop and User Group Meeting
BioTek Instruments
Highland Park Box 998
Winooski, VT  05404
Phone: 802-861-8637
Web: www.biotek.com

11:00 AM – 1:00 PM – Room A (Hall A) – Show Floor

Presenters: Joseph Haegele – Cornell University, Graduate Student; Neil Emans PhD – Persomics, Chief Executive Officer; Brad Larson – BioTek Instruments, Inc., Principal Scientist; Peter Banks PhD – BioTek Instruments, Inc., Scientific Director; Xavier Amouretti – BioTek Instruments, Inc., Manager, Product Marketing
The Cytation™ series of imaging readers combine automated digital widefield microscopy with conventional multi-mode microplate detection to provide phenotypic cellular information and well-based quantitative data.  With up to 60x magnification, a microscopy module provides high-quality cellular and sub-cellular visualization in fluorescence, brightfield, color brightfield and phase contrast channels.   A multi-mode detection module features variable bandwidth monochromator optics and high sensitivity filter-based detection optics for unmatched versatility and performance.  Come to hear talks given by BioTek Applications Scientists along with current Cytation users describing the research and techniques their labs are performing with BioTek’s breakthrough product line.  Highlights from the new Gen5™ v2.07 software release will also be presented.  Complimentary lunch will be served.  Free gift to the first 50 attendees. 
International Space Station Research Results and Opportunities
NASA Space Life Sciences Session

NASA Space Life Sciences
NASA Ames Research Center
Moffett Field, CA  94305
Phone: 650-604-1174
Web: www.nasa.gov
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM – Room A (Hall A) – Show Floor

Held In conjunction with the APS EP 2015 March 28- April 1, 2015
Sponsored jointly by NASA Space Biology and Human Research Program

The purpose of this EB Symposium is to allow members of APS and other EB societies, and in particular, physiology students and post-docs, to gain some familiarity with the interesting physiological changes that have been discovered about how humans and other biological systems adapt to spaceflight, and to get a better understanding of planned ISS research capabilities and NASA funding opportunities.   Attendees will have an opportunity to interact with the NASA flight PI's and ISS Program staff on the Program in a panel discussion at the conclusion of the session.
Chair:             David Tomko, NASA Headquarters
3:00 PM         Introduction and science overview D. Tomko, NASA
3:10 PM         Tom Lang, University of California at San Francisco. "Tackling bone loss in long-duration spaceflight: a 15-year
                         journey on the ISS"
 3:35 PM         Stefan Judex, State University of New York at Stony Brook. “Genetic Regulation of Bone's Response to Unloading
                         and Reambulation”
4:00 PM         Scott Smith, Johnson Space Center.  “Nutrition, Physiology, and Space Flight: Implications from and for the
                        International Space Station”
4:25 PM         Jim Pawelczyk, Pennsylvania State University.  “Doing Cardiovascular Research in Space: A Scientist-Astronaut
4:50 PM         Panel Discussion – All Speakers will be available for questions and discussion; and there will be a discussion of
                        Opportunities for and logistics of Doing Research in Space on ISS


Monday, March 30
Increase Your Success in Rodent Surgery

Kent Scientific Corporation
1116 Litchfield Street
Torrington, CT  06790
Phone: 888-572-8887
Email: dfitzmiller@kentscientific.com
Web:  www.kentscientific.com
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM – Room A (Hall A) – Show Floor

Presenter: Andrew Ide

Biomedical research involves eliminating variables so you can focus on your study objective, produce valid/reproducible data and publish your research. The normal physiological condition of rodents under surgery is altered by the introduction of the anesthetic. Subsequent surgical procedures and other activities performed while the animal is under anesthesia can further change the physiological state of the rodent. Any change in temperature, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, heart rate or blood pressure introduces a variable into your study that can be controlled.

Multi-Media Resources for Teaching Evolution and Genetics
HHMI Biointeractive
4000 Jones Bridge Road
Chevy Chase, MD  20815
Phone: 301-215-8754
Email: ricee10@hhmi.org
Web:  www.hhmi.org
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM – Room B (Hall A) – Show Floor

Presenter: Elizabeth Rice

Discover free multi-media resources for teaching key concepts in evolution and genetics. We will explore exciting new short films and multimedia resources from HHMI that bring science to life and place biological concepts in an exciting context. Activities include use of primary literature, data analysis and statistics. Participants will receive free films and read-to-use resources suitable for Introductory Biology courses.

NEW Amersham™ WB system, The New Standard in Western Blotting
GE Healthcare
800 Centennial Avenue
PO Box 1327
Piscataway, NJ  08855-1327
Phone: 732-457-8000
Fax: 877-295-8102
Email: cs-us@ge.com
Web: www.gelifesciences.com
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM, Room A, Show Floor – Hall A
Presenter: Dr. Phil Beckett, Applications Scientist
 The Amersham™ WB system is a fully integrated system for separation, transfer, detection, and quantitative analysis of proteins that gives consistent, quantitative data for every sample, every time. The system achieves this high quality of data by combining three elements: a SMART system design that standardizes and monitors every step of the process; dedicated consumables and optimized protocols that minimize assay variability; and built-in data normalization. The system delivers consistent, quantitative data with reduced repetition, fewer control experiments, and less time spent on assay optimization. With the Amersham WB system, you will feel confident that you have the results you need to move forward. The system uses fluorescence detection for wider dynamic range, increased sensitivity, and to allow for color multiplexing applications such as the detection of phosphorylated/non-phosphorylated proteins. Join us to learn more.

Building Connections in the Research Community

Thomson Reuters

610 Opperman Drive
Eagan, MN  55123
Phone: 800-336-4474
Email: meredith.mccusker@thomsonreuters.com
Web:  www.thomsonreuters.com
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM – Room B (Hall A) – Show Floor
Presenter: Meredith McCusker

Are you interested in understanding the impact of your work? In learning how to become more efficient in moving through the research process? Or identifying potential collaborators in your field? At Thomson Reuters, we offer a unique combination of deep analytical insight and research workflow tools to help inform you in every step of your career - whether establishing professional profiles and networks, preparing to publish research, or making informed decisions on what projects and with whom to work. Our unmatched content and technology helps uncover connections within the global research community - bringing together influential researchers, leading institutions, and the most trusted science. Stop by our workshop to learn how Thomson Reuters can connect you with data and tools that help drive discovery and innovation, giving you the best ability to make an impact and advance research in your field.
Variables in FBS Impact Cell Performance, Reproducibility and Relevant Experimental Results

Essential Pharmaceuticals LLC
100 Princeton South Corporate Center
Ewing, NJ  08628
Phone: 609-323-7838
Email: info@essentialpharma.com
Web:  www.essentialpharma.com

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM – Room A (Hall A) – Show Floor
Presenter:  Dr. Adam Elhofy

Fetal bovine serum (FBS) has been used in cell culture for decades. Even though it introduces the greatest variability into cell culture, surprisingly FBS is not intensely scrutinized as a reagent. The use of FBS in cell culture applications will be examined, as its use may go against the basic principles of scientific experimentation in that the variables are not controlled for, it contains unknowns, and results from experiments using FBS in cell culture potentially cannot be replicated.

Tips and Tricks for Improved Immunostaining
1 Kendall Square, Suite B2304
Cambridge, MA  02139
Phone: 888-77-ABCAM
Fax:  877-775-8286
Email: us.orders@abcam.com
Web:  www.abcam.com

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM – Room B (Hall A) – Show Floor

Presenter: Brendan Collins
Immunohistochemistry can be a very frustrating and time consuming technique to get right. Over the years, Abcam’s Scientific Support team have successfully helped many scientists with their immunostaining experiments.
Our expert from the Scientific Support team will share some of the most common problems and mistakes made in the lab when performing immunostaining on tissue or cell culture samples, and reveal their top tips for troubleshooting your experiment. The topics covered in this talk will address the entire experimental procedure: treatment of cells or tissue to modulate protein expression, preparation of samples for immunochemical analysis, and protein visualization. If you have any specific questions, our team would be happy to answer them after the presentation.

Tuesday, March 31

Bringing Anatomy Education to Life – a Fully-Digital and Interactive Experience
Primal Pictures
Sheepen Place
C03 3LP Essex
Phone: 44 20 7017 5000
Email: info@primalpictures.com
Web: www.primalpictures.com
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM, Room A, Show Floor – Hall A
Presenter: Dr. Don Hilbelink, University of South Florida
In this presentation, Dr. Don Hilbelink, Professor of Anatomy at University of South Florida, will discuss the evolution of his undergraduate anatomy and physiology course from traditional lecture-based format to fully-digital and interactive. Dr. Hilbelink will share perspective regarding how the course has evolved including successes, pitfalls and student outcomes. He will provide an overview of how he has embedded student assessment directly into the course materials and how he has partnered with Primal.