2014   Attendees
The Late Breaking Abstract Site is CLOSED.
The deadline to submit a Late Breaking Abstract was Friday, February 21st.

Each society makes the final decision about whether you will make an oral or poster presentation, it is important to indicate your preference on the submission form. 

For all Societies, abstracts not selected for oral presentations will be programmed as posters. 

The abstract submission fee is NOT your registration fee and is not your Society membership fee.  
A separate registration fee is required to attend the meeting.

                         ~ Late Breaking Abstract Confirmation Notifications are scheduled to be sent in March~                        

Recommended Method for Your Presentation

All EB session rooms will be equipped with a data projector and laptop computer as well as a lavaliere microphone, table microphone and aisle microphone.

  • Bring your presentation on a Windows readable USB flash Drive or CD-ROM.
  • When building your presentation, use standard fonts (e.g., Times Roman, Helvetica, Arial, New Times Roman), basic fonts are included on the session room PCs but if an unusual font is used it may not translate.
  • Include in the same folder as your presentation, any external files utilized, e.g. movie files. Copy the entire folder to the USB flash Drive or CD ROM.
  • Test your presentation on a separate PC compatible computer to insure fonts are standard and components such as movies are included rather than merely linked in your presentation.
  • Review these specifications when preparing your presentation.
  • The computers in the session room and speaker ready rooms will support PC and Mac presentations.

The operating system will be Windows XP Professional, and software will include: Microsoft Office XP, Adobe Acrobat Reader, QuickTime*, Windows Media Player, Flash Player. 

* ALL Quick-Time users should make sure to visit the speaker practice room AT LEAST 24 hours in advance, due to additional processing time that may be required.

We recommend that you bring a backup presentation format to cover the possibility of luggage loss, theft, and/or incompatibility.


Posters in the Exhibit Hall

Posters will be located in Halls A-D of the San Diego Convention Center. Each poster board is marked with a unique posterboard number that begins with an A, B, C or D. This letter indicates the placement of the board within Halls A, B, C and D.  The A, B, C and D designation also corresponds to which Society your poster was submitted under for grouping of Society and topics.

Please note: Wednesday, April 30 -  All Poster Presentation will take place in the Convention Center in the Sails Pavilion.


EB 2013 Abstract Information

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