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Diet Can Predict Cognitive Decline
Preliminary data suggest EPA, DHA remain important nutrients

Zinc Supplementation Shows Promise in Reducing Cell Stress After Blasts
Investigator looks at nutrition interventions for soldiers

Cartilage, Made to Order
Team uses 3-D prinitng to produce human cartilage, offering a potent new research tool and advancing treatment opportunities for osteoarthirits and battlefield injuries

Novel Drug Cocktail May Improve Clinical Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer
In mice, standard chemo drug plus a new one may be a potent one-two punch

Connecting Alcohol Use in Adolescence With Risky Behavior in Adulthood
In rats, study offers evidence that early alcohol use has a lasting effect on brain chemistry

Can Exercise Help Reduce Methamphetamine Use?
Mice study has implications for drug cessation therapy on humans

School Nutrition and Wellness Program Improves Eating Habits, Lowes BMI
A new program fits into Common Core standards and costs schools little, making it a promising approach for countering obesity nationwide

Mite Sets New Record as World's Fastest Land Animal
Relative to its size, a Southern California mite runs faster than any other animal, also thrives in temperatures that would kill most other animals

Higher Calcium Intake May Reduce Body Fat, Mitigating Genetic Risk for Diabetes
Study shows calcium intake mitigates genetic risk for increased body fat in African-American children, a population with historically low calcium intake and high risk for diabetes

Pancreatic Tumor-Induced Gene May Prove Beneficial as Drug Marker
Mouse model suggests new strategies could lead to new therapeutics

Naked Mole Rats and the Secret to Longevity
"Quality Control" proteins linked to their long lives could spark new research directions for Alzheimer's, other age-related diseases

Bacteria on the Skin: New Insights on Our Invisible Companions
Study examines how skin-dwelling bacteria influence wound healing; findings could help address chronic wounds, a common ailment in the elderly

Fight Memory Loss with a Smile (or Chuckle)
The stress hormone cortisol can negatively affect memory and learning ability in the elderly. Researchers at Loma Linda University found that showing a 20-minute funny video to healthy seniors and seniors with diabetes helped them score better on memory tests and significantly reduced their cortisol levels when compared to non-video watchers.

Ready, Set, Hot!: Does Warm Weather Play a Role in Football Concussions?
Heat and dehydration can cause a “perfect storm” of risk factors for concussion among competitive football players. University of Windsor researchers looked at the effects of extreme temperature on concussion rates during NCAA football games.

Heat Regulation Dysfunction May Stop MS Patients from Exercising
Unhealthy lifestyle habits can accelerate the process of senescence (cell death) and the release of damaging substances from dying cells. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic for the first time demonstrate that exercise can prevent or delay this fundamental process of aging.

Prematurity Linked to Altered Lung Function During Exercise, High Blood Pressure in Adults
Some preterm babies have lungs that develop abnormally. While long-term health effects of prematurity are still unclear, researchers have found that adults who were born early may have problems handling the pulmonary demands of exercise.

New Approach Could Save Lives Following Acetaminophen Overdose
Scientists successcully cure mice of acute liver failure after an overdose of acetaminophen by boosting the liver's ability to heal itself

Breast Cancer, Brain Tumors Not Caused by Viruses
A new genetic screening approach rules out viruses as the cause of two cancers, suggesting some drug trial regimens are misguided

Coral Reefs Provide Potent New Anti-HIV Proteins
Discovery raises hope for new methods to prevent the spread of HIV

Don't Like the Food? Try Paying More
Study shows customers who pay more at a restaurant buffet perceive the food as tastier than the same food offered at a lower price, shedding new light on the psychology of taste

ID'ing Factors Responsible for Altered Drug Dosing for Pregnant Women
Study could prove beneficial to improving drug therapy during pregnancy

A Fast-Acting Antidepressant Appears Within Reach
Study in mice suggests drug could bring new benefits in treating depression by lifting mood within hours, plus offer sustained effectiveness