2018 Career Resources Career Center

The EB Career Center offers a variety of sessions for attendees to help improve networking skills, learn interview tips, explore career options and much more. Here is a preliminary list of what will be offered for 2018:

Career-Related Sessions

  • Next Gen PhDs and Careers
  • But I Have No Skills! Exploring Myths & Exploring Career Options for PhDs
  • Identifying Your Options using ScienceCareers.org
  • How to Choose Your Ideal Career
  • Navigating Doctoral Work Protocols/Milestones/Requirements
  • NIH F and K Awards: Navigating NIH Programs to Advance Your Career  
  • The Strategic Postdoc: How to Find & Leverage Your Postdoc Experience
  • Career Building: How to Maximize Your Participation in a Scientific Conference
  • Career Opportunities in Science Communications

Job Search-Related Sessions

  • Job Search in Academia and Industry
  • Ten Ways to Get Lucky in the Job Search
  • Job Hunting in Biotech Part 1: Finding and Applying for Scientist Positions
  • Job Hunting in Biotech Part 2: Interviewing for Scientist Positions
  • Job Hunting in Biotech Part 3: Compensation Negotiation for Scientist Positions
  • Translating Your Credentials on Paper (CV=>Resume) & In Person
  • Creating Effective CV’s, Cover Letters, Research & Teaching Statements
  • Understanding Search Committees & Finding Job Announcements
  • Get Up With Something On Your Mind
  • What You Seek is What You Get

Interview-Related Sessions

  • Talking About Yourself: How to Interview Well
  • The Art of Negotiation (an interactive workshop to develop or enhance your negotiation skills)
  • Negotiation Strategies for Scientists
  • Global Interview Skills: A Practice Workshop for International Candidates
  • Successful Behaviors for Winning An Interview
  • Nailing the Job Talk & Interview Prep

Networking-Related Sessions

  • Networking: A Required Life Skill
  • Networking With Strangers Is Required For Your Future
  • Developing Your Core Message Statement/”Elevator Speech”
  • Building Your Skills, Networking & Information Interview
  • Handshakes, Eye Contact, Small Talk: Networking Successfully as a Student or Postdoc
  • Networking and Getting Your Foot in the Door

Professional-Skills Sessions

  • Goal Setting, Prioritizing, Time Management
  • Making Mistakes When Speaking: How To Handle Them
  • Attitudes in Academic & Employment Achievement
  • Attitude and Behaviors: How Are You Perceived?
  • Job Talk/Chalk Talk: Making the Grade
  • But I Have No Skills!

Education Sessions

•    Making The Case for Graduate School



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