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All late-breaking abstracts will be programmed for poster presentation on Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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Late Breaking Abstract Instructions                      Poster Presentation Information

Late Breaking Abstract Topic Categories                                                             Oral Presentation Information

The late breaking abstract submission fee ($90) is NOT your registration fee &
is not your Society membership fee.  
A separate registration fee is required to attend the meeting.

All abstracts must be submitted electronically. Please review the Rules and Guidelines before submitting an abstract. 
Each abstract should contain:
• a sentence stating the study objective (unless given in the title);
• a brief statement of methods, if pertinent;
• a summary of the results obtained;
• and a statement of the conclusions.   It is not necessary to say "the results will be discussed."

In addition:
• Use a short, specific title with upper and lower case letters.  Do not put a period at the end of the abstract title.
• Capitalize initial letters of trade names. 
• Use standard abbreviations for units of measure. 
• Other abbreviations should be spelled out in full at first mention, followed by the abbreviation in parentheses.  Exceptions:  
    DNA, RNA, etc. 
• Include the source of research support in the textbox indicated on the submission form. 

The topic that you select from the topic category list determines which society receives and programs your abstract.  Therefore, it is important that you review the society topic categories before submitting your abstract.  Topics are listed by Society, alphabetically and numerically by topic code, on the left side of your screen on each page as you go through the submission process.  Please follow the instructions below.

Remember which society is programming your abstract
• Your abstract will be received and programmed by the society (discipline) which lists your topic choice (not the society to which the abstract sponsor belongs).
• Each society uses a different programming method – your abstract may go to a program committee or to a session chair.
• Knowing which society is programming your abstract makes follow-up easier.  Please keep a record of this for your files.

Software Required
Recommended Browsers:
For Windows users, we recommend Internet Explorer 8.0. - 9.0
For Macintosh users, we recommend Safari 3.2. - 5.0

Attention IE 8 or 9 Users:
o If you are using Internet Explorer 8.0 or 9.0, you MUST display the website using the Compatibility View before you begin your review.
o To run Internet Explorer 8.0 in Compatibility Mode, from the Command Bar, select Tools, and then select the "Compatibility View" option. Add the checkmark to the very last box (View all sites in Compatibility View).
o Please note that you must also have JavaScript enabled in your browser preferences in order for the system to function properly.

Before You Start
• Read the Instructions and Guidelines first!  Click here to print these instructions to have them as a reference as you enter your abstract.  
• Prepare your abstract in a Microsoft Word document (preferred format), Rich Text Format, Plain Text, or Word Perfect.
• Have the names and institutions for all your co-authors. 
• Have your credit card account number to pay the $90 nonrefundable submission fee. Your credit card will be charged immediately. The fee is nonrefundable and is not refunded for withdrawn submissions.
• If you are not a member of one of the participating societies, know your sponsor’s full name, society affiliation and e-mail address.  The sponsor will be notified of the submission.

After submitting your abstract, you will have the ability to email yourself a payment and abstract confirmation with your abstract number.  Please use this abstract number and the first author’s last name in all future correspondence about your abstract.  The same information will be required to make revisions or withdrawals.

Ready To Start - Login and Author Information
• To begin the process, an account MUST be created.  From the submission page, click “Click here to create a new user account”. If you wish to return later to make changes, to complete an unfinished abstract submission or revise the submission, you should login under “returning user” with the login information you created.

• Enter the first author’s information.  Complete all required fields.  This information will appear on your abstract exactly as it is entered. NOTE: First author must be the presenting author.   Follow the instructions on the site to change the first/presenting author.

Abstract Title and Abstract 
• You have two choices for submitting your abstract: by uploading a “Word Processor File” or by entering it online by using “cut and paste”.  Before continuing to submit your abstract, please review the two formatting instructions below.  Your abstract body must have a minimum of 100 characters and maximum of 1220 characters. The abstract title, authors, affiliations and body of the abstract should not exceed 1620 characters excluding spaces.  You will not be permitted to proceed if you do not meet the character guidelines.

• Title: Enter the title of your abstract in initial caps, (except for capitalized abbreviations e.g., DNA).  Do not include a period at the end of your title.  DO NOT enter the title for authors again in the body of the abstract.  The title, author and co-authors will automatically be included in the final abstract.  Before you continue you must PREVIEW your abstract title. 

Read The Sample Below (9pt, Times New Roman)

This is a sample for the abstract title in initial cap, lower case format
Michael C. Brown¹, Joseph M. Smith¹, Ann E. Jones²: ¹FASEB, Bethesda, MD  20814-3998, ²Department of Biology, FASEB, Bethesda, MD
Abstract body begins here.  Please DO NOT ENTER the abstract title, author and co-authors again in this space. This is only for the body of your abstract. Your abstract body must have a minimum of 100 characters and maximum of 1220 characters. The title, author, co-authors will be included on the final abstract from information that you previously entered. The abstract title, authors, affiliations and body of the abstract should not exceed 1620 characters excluding spaces. If your abstract exceeds 1620 characters you will receive a “TOO LONG” message. When you receive this message you may retype or upload the abstract again. Abstracts that are too long will not be programmed.  Please remember to include on the last line of your abstract, the source of research support.

Upload Your Abstract by Submitting a Word Processor File – It is faster to submit a Word
Processor File! If your abstract contains tables, graphics or figures, you must use this option. Use the browse button to select your abstract.  Upload a Microsoft Word document (preferred) or ASCII file containing just the body of the abstract.  DO NOT include the title, author, co-authors or affiliations in the space. 

Entering Your Abstract on the Submission Site
Select this option if the abstract contains only text, Greek characters, math symbols, and super/subscripts. You can also cut and paste a word processing document.  Use the “Special Characters” link on the screen for special symbols.  Copy and Paste the desired special character to the exact location in the abstract text.   Italics, bold, sub- and superscript tags can be entered by using the bar about the text.   DO NOT include the title, author, co-authors, or affiliations in the space.  These will automatically be included in the abstract from the information previously entered.  Click “Continue” when done to see a preview of the abstract text.
*You can preview your abstract by selecting the Preview button before continuing to the next screen.

Abstract Preference/Topic Categories/Disclosures
In order for the societies to program your abstract, you MUST complete all of the following requested fields:
• Presentation Preference (poster, oral or indifferent);
• Sponsor’s Society;
• Sponsor’s Information;
• Topic Category;
• Disclosure Policy including the nature of the disclosure. 
• There may also be some additional questions required for specific society programming.
• Incomplete submissions will not be programmed.

DO NOT submit the abstract more than once.  The abstract submission site allows for revisions. Go to the login page and enter the account holder’s email address and password.  Click on the title of the abstract you want to revise.  DO NOT submit revisions under “New Submissions” or you will be charged for a new abstract.
The deadline for revisions is  Thursday, February 21, 2013.

Notification of Programming
The first author and the sponsor will be notified via email approximately mid March 2013 of:
• Title, date, and time of session in which abstract has been programmed
• Program number
• Presentation time
This information will not be available before this date! Co-authors will not receive notification.

To withdraw your abstract login as a “Returning User” by entering the account holder email and password.  You will see a screen showing all of your existing abstracts. 
• Click on the title of the abstract your wish to withdraw
• On the left sidebar, click “Review My Work”
• Scroll to the bottom of the page

Withdrawals must be done online by 5:00 PM EST, Friday, February 21, 2014.
The abstract submission fee of $90 is non-refundable.